COVID-19 Update From Broadway At Granville Denture Clinic

The health and safety of both our patients and staff have always been our top priority. We have always used enhanced levels of sterilization and utilized PPE that followed the College of Dental Surgeons of BC’s guidelines. However, times have changed, and our clinic is changing too. We have completed our preparations to provide all dental services to our patients.

We want to share the steps we have taken in order to ensure we are providing exceptional care to our patients while ensuring their safety and that of our staff:
Face shields, protective eyewear and isolation gowns will be worn by all clinical staff.
We will continue to regularly clean and sanitize the entire office. Operatories will also continue to be cleaned thoroughly after every patient with CDC approved sanitizing supplies.
All patients are asked to wash their hands upon arrival.
To allow for physical distancing, appointment times will be staggered; physical distancing is in place in the waiting room and front desk area; plastic shields are also in place at the front desk in order to provide a barrier between staff and patients.
As a general rule, to maintain physical distancing, we are only allowing patients with appointments to enter the clinical area. Spouses, friends, caregivers and parents are kindly requested to wait in non-clinical areas. Minors under the age of 14 can be accompanied by a parent if required. Of course, we will make exceptions if required in individual circumstances.
We have the capacity to text message patients letting them know when we are ready to bring them into the clinical area if they do not wish to wait inside the office.
All patients or staff that exhibit symptoms of illness will be asked to stay home.
All patients must fill out COVID-19 Patient Screening and Consent forms before the treatment.
Patients will also be required to wear a non-medical mask covering their nose and mouth when entering the clinic.
Thank you again for your loyalty and continued support.

We truly appreciate your efforts and cooperation in keeping our clinic safe. 

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